Buttles, Hozefa & Stern, L.L.C.






Joint Multinational Readiness Group




Dear Joint Multinational Readiness Group:


               Our client, the J.M.R.G., has learned that you are making use of its initials in your business and/or private enterprises.  Your unauthorized use of ³J.M.R.G.² is in clear contravention of the eternal axioms and principles of nature which the rational faculty reveals to all those who meditate thereupon.  To wit: a pride of lions would certainly eat (or at least maul) a fellow savanna-dweller if the creature attempted to usurp and convert to its own use the lions¹ distinctive roar.


By this letter, the JMRG demands that you cease and desist all use of the initials ³J.M.R.G.² or the contraction ³JMRG.²  Although we cannot provide you with legal advice‹and we encourage you to obtain your own legal counsel should you feel the need‹we suggest that you seek an alternative to inappropriately exploiting our client¹s identifier.  Perhaps you could change your name to Joint Multinational Preparedness Group, or simply refrain from using any acronym in your speech or literature.


The J.M.R.G. reserves the right, should you continue to use ³J.M.R.G.² or ³JMRG,² to undertake appropriate punitive measures.  These may include, without limitation, removing your organization from the list of recipients of the J.M.R.G.¹s annual postcard newsletter.


Finally, the J.M.R.G. would like to extend to your organization an invitation to join the list of recipients of the J.M.R.G.¹s annual postcard newsletter.  To take advantage of this generous offer, please visit our website (www.jmrg.org), click on the ³contact us² link, and compose an email in which you request to join the list of recipients of the J.M.R.G.¹s annual postcard newsletter, taking care to identify yourself with your new appropriate name.


                                                                                          Very truly yours,



                                                                                          Harvey J. Buttles, Esq., B.A., G.E.D.