Oakland, CA 18.10.2009

The J.M.R.G. hereby officially acts as follows at a duly convened and consecrated quorum:

  • The official formation of the powerful Subcommittee for Nomenclature, Onanistics, Requisitions Etc. (the "SNORE") which is a committee of the whole and is vested with the authority to create any other subcommittee through the act of naming.

    Onanastics: these are the words of R. Yehoshua
    Onamastics: these are the words of R. Yossi

    Such is the dispute -- over a single letter, but a letter than has epochal significance for the creation of subcommittees, for the JMRG as a body, and the future of Jewish Men both in the Exile and the Land.

    Onomastics: these are the words, correct, of R' Velvel.

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